Life Style Funeral Company

An affordable option offering simple and dignified funeral care for you and your family

What We Do

Life Style Funeral Company is a Geelong-owned funeral service that offers affordable, caring and dignified funerals.
Our services specifically focus on reflecting and celebrating the unique life of each person.

At Life Style, our staff take the time to get to know you and understand your needs.
They will work with you to guide you through the many aspects of arranging a funeral either for a loved one or for yourself.

Our Aims

  • Provide you with a dignified, simple, caring and affordable funeral reflecting the lifestyle of your loved one
  • Provide you with all the options available in order for you to make fully informed decisions
  • Arrange and prepare a funeral service to suit your individual needs
  • Conduct the funeral service within your budget
  • Deliver to you, your family, relatives and friends a simple, dignified and caring service